Hi y’all!  Welcome to my personal website.  If you want to know what happens when and growers collide, I produce the content you want.  As a behavioral economist, my research focuses on ways agribusinesses can best connect with their target markets. I pay special attention to the role of beliefs and preferences in shaping consumers’ food and drink choices.  




Assistant Professor and Agricultural Economist | Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics | Michigan State University



It’s been a long road to the Spartan State.  A native of Kansas, I earned my undergraduate degree from Rockhurst University in Kanas City, Missouri.  After hippying around the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I completed my Master’s and Doctorate at Oklahoma State University under the advisement of Dr. Jayson Lusk. In my dissertation, I used the American craft beer market to explore how people respond to the modern-day proliferation of consumer products. 

I have won several research awards and published dozens of articles in academic journals. My work has been featured in popular press outlets including the Washington Post, VICE, Popular Science, Fast Company, and New York Magazine.  I have served in leadership roles for the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, including the Chair of the Brewing & Enology Economic Research Section and the Chair of the Institutional and Behavioral Economics Section. I also currently serve as co-editor of the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review.
If I’m not in my office in East Lansing, I’m probably out exploring the Mitten while I meet with stakeholders.  I’m at my happiest when I’m in the woods reading by a campfire with a beer in my hand.  You can connect with me via Twitter and Instagram, or just shoot me an email at tmalone@msu.edu.